ACT 1 

Light Show Spectacular 

by Justin Altstadt 

Opening Dance and Introductions

- All Contestants 

Talent Round:

Group 1:
When You Need To Express Your Feelings 
Nathan Glass, Connor Leimgruber, Dominik McCullagh, Gage McNew 

Group 2:
Connection Through Sports
- Jay Bockelman, Noah Cooper, Kenyon Ferreira, Hayden Gorman, Aston Probus, Brady Quinn, Larry Spicher 

Group 3:  Dinner with a Surprise  
Jacob Barrett, Reece Harper, Cade McKinney, Evan Reff, Brennan Smith, Adam Watson

Group 4:  Paradise at Knight
- Daviontae Hughes, Katorian Johnson, Richard Myers III, Eli Pillsbury, Xaiver Scott 

Group 5: 
The Rocking Holiday Spirit  
Jonah Carrero, Ian Long, Tyler Orr, Jax Watson 

Group 6: 
Shout it to the Mountain
- Jacob Adams, Landen Blanford, Jack Deig, Carter Lynn 

Swimsuit Round:

- All Contestants 


ACT 2 

Question and Answer Round:

- All Contestants 

Audience Votes:  Turn in Ballots 

Prince of Paradise Premiere 
- 1st Round - Freestyle Dance 
- 2nd Round - Escape Room
- 3rd Round - Photography 

Junior Challenge 
- 1st Round - Trivia 
- 2nd Round - Art 
- 3rd Round - Obstacle Course

Video Presentation 

Awards Ceremony