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Contests For You!

     Best Dressed Contest

Flutter Newburgh has partnered with us to host a best dressed contest!  The Mr. Castle Contest is a Dress to Impress Event!  With that being said it's time we award the best dressed audience member!  Make sure you get your picture taken on the red carpet and you will be entered to win. We will announce the winner onstage at the end of the show.  

 Prince of  Paradise


This is our newest addition to the show.  We will have a group a Freshman Men that will participate in a unique and different competition.  We will challenge their body, mind and soul to see who becomes the first ever Prince of Paradise!



     Junior Challenge

We will ask for 5 Castle High School Junior Men from the audience to volunteer to compete in this challenge.  The men will battle it out in a three heat challenge that will test their body, mind and soul for some great prizes.

(Students belonging to Teen Power and Show Choir are not eligible)

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